Question 98

Car A starts at 8 am from the place P, with a speed of 65 kmph. AnothercarB starts at 9 am from the same place P. and follows the car A with a speed of 70 kmph. Then the meeting time of the cars A and B is


Car A starts at 8AM with the speed of $$65kmph$$

Car B starts at 9AM with the speed of $$70kmph$$

Both starts from the point P,

Let after the time t, both the car will meet.

$$d=65\times t---------(i)$$

$$d=70\times (t-1)-------(ii)$$

From the equation (i) and (ii)

$$65\times t=70\times t-70$$

$$5\times t=70$$

Hence t=14 hour.

Hence both the car will meet 10PM

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