(i) P, Q, R, S, T, and U are six members of a group which three are males and three are females.
(ii) There are two engineers, two lawyers, one teacher and one doctor in the group.
(iii) Q, T, P, and R are two married couples and no person in the group has the same profession.
(iv) T, a teacher with blue dress married a male Lawyer with brown dress.
(v) Colour of the dresses of both the husbands and that of both the wives is the same.
(vi) Two persons have blue dress, two have brown and the remaining one each has black and green.
(vii) P is a male engineer and whose sister S is also an engineer.
(vii) Q is a doctor.

Question 96

Who is wife of P ?


According to the given information, we can deduce the following conclusions:

RT and PQ are married couples as T married to a lawyer and Q is a doctor and P is a male engineer.

Q: Doctor, female, blue dress

P: Engineer, Male, brown dress

T: Teacher, female, blue dress

R: Lawyer, Male, brown dress

S: Engineer, female, black/green dress

U: Lawyer, male, black/green dress

Hence, Q is wife of P

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