Study the given information and answer the given questions.
A, B, C, D, E, F and G are standing in a straight line facing North with equal distances between them, not necessarily in the same order.
Each one is pursuing a different profession - Actor, Reporter, Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, Teacher and Painter not necessarily in same order.
G is fifth to the left of C. The Reporter is third to the right of G. F is fifth to the right of A. E is second to the left of D. F is not standing at either of the ends. There are only three people between the Engineer and the Painter. The Doctor is to the immediate left of the Engineer. The Lawyer is to the immediate right of the Teacher. B is not an Actor

Question 93

Who among the following is the actor ?


G is fifth to the left of C and F is fifth to the right of A. Hence, there are two configurations possible:

G A _ _ _ C F and A G _ _ _ F C

As F is not at either end, only the second configuration is possible.

As E is second to the left of D, the placement is as follows


Hence, D is the reporter. The Doctor is to the left of the Engineer and the Painter is 4th to the right of the Engineer. Hence, two configurations are possible:

Doctor - Eng - _ _ Rep - Painter - _

or _ - Doc - Eng - _ Rep - Pain - _

As the Lawyer and Teacher are next to each other, the second configuration is impossible. Hence, the configuration is

Doc - Eng - Tea - Law - Rep - Pain - Act

A - G - E - B - D - F - C

Hence, C is the Actor.

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