Instructions: Study the following information and answer the questions that follow.
The premises of a bank are to be renovated. The renovation is in terms of flooring. Certain areas are to be floored either with marble or wood. All rooms/halls and pantry are rectangular. The area to be renovated comprises of a hall for customer transaction measuring 23 m x 29 m, branch manager's room measuring 13 m x 17 m, a pantry measuring 14 m x 13 m, a record keeping-cum-server room measuring 21 m x 13 m and locker area measuring 29 m x 21 m. The total area of the bank is 2000 square metres. The cost of wooden flooring is Rs.170 per square metre and the costs of marble flooring is Rs. 190 per square metre. The locker area, record keeping cum- server room and pantry are to be floored with marble. The branch manager's room and the hall for customer transaction are to be floored with wood. No other area is to be renovated in terms of flooring.

Question 81

What is the respective ratio of the total cost of wooden flooring to the total cost of marble flooring?


Total area for wooden flooring = (23 x 29) + (13 x 17) = 888
Total cost of wooden flooring = 888 x 170 = 150960
Total area for marble flooring = (14 x 13) + (21 x 13) + (29 x 21) = 1064
Total cost of marble flooring = 1064 x 190 = 202160 
Ratio = 1887 : 2527

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