Question 79

Ram cycles from a place A to B and again back to A at a uniform speed of 12 km/h. His friend Gopi sails on a boat from A to B and back to A where his still water speed is 10 km/h and flow of river is 4 km/h. Who will return to A first?


Let say, distance between A and B is d km.

RAM's Time :

Time taken = $$\frac{d}{12}+\frac{d}{12}=\frac{d}{6}\ hr.$$=$$\frac{7d}{42}\ hr.$$

GOPI's Time :

Time taken = $$\frac{d}{14}+\frac{d}{6}=\frac{3d+7d}{42}\ hr=\frac{10d}{42}\ hr.$$

So, time taken by Ram will be less than Gopi.

D is correct choice.

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