Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.

Eight persons — H, I, J, K, L, M, N and O — are standing in a straight line at equidistant. Some of them are facing north while others are facing south. M is standing third to the right to H. M is standing at one of the extreme ends. L is standing third to the left of H. The immediate neighbours of J. face north. N is not an immediate neighbour of H.The persons standing at the extreme ends face the same direction (both are facing either north or south). The immediate neighbours of H face, just opposite direction as that of M. The immediate neighbours of 0 face opposite direction with respect to each other.K is one of the immediate neighbours of L and is facing north. I is standing between J and M. Notmore than four persons are facing north.L is immediate right of K.

Question 75

Who among the following is exactly between L and J ?


M is standing at one of the ends.

Considering the case where M is standing at the left end :-

In this case, the condition that the immediate neighbors of J are facing north would not be met. Hence this case is rejected.

So M is standing at the right end of the line.
H is thus facing North. L has to face south.

K is an immediate neighbor of L and is facing north. Also L stands immediate right of K.

Also M and K face the same direction as both are standing at the extreme ends. And the neighbors of H are facing the opposite direction of M.
Now I stands between J and M :-

The immediate neighbors of J face North.
Also no more than 4 people are facing north.

Also since neighbors of O are facing opposite directions w.r.t. each other, the final arrangement becomes :-

O is exactly between L and J.

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