Question 71

A well of 4m diameter and 35m deep is dugout and the excavated soil is transported in a rectangular parallelopiped shaped truck with dimensions $$5m\times2m\times0.5m$$. To avoid over during transportation only 80% of its capacity is filled. If the loose soil occupies 20% more space while filling into the truck, then the number of trips required to transport the soil completely away from the place of digging is


Volume of well$$=π2^2×35=440m^3.$$

Volume of truck$$=5×2×0.5=5m^3.$$

but the truck is only able to fill its 80% of capacity to fill the space.

So, effective amount was$$=0.8×5=4m^3.$$

So,20% of wasted amount is


So, number of trips required are


D is correct choice.

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