Directions : Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions: A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting around a circle facing the centre but not necessarily in the same order.
★ B sits second to left of H's husband. No female is an immediate neighbour of B.
★ D's daughter sits second to right of F, F is the sister of G. F is not an immediate neighbour of H's husband.
★ Only one person sits between A and F. A is the father of G. H's brother D sits to the immediate left of H's mother. Only one person sits between H's mother and E.
★ Only one person sits between H and G. G is the mother of C. G is not an immediate neighbour of E.

Question 7

What is the position of A with respect to his grandchild?


We begin by placing F on the table. So we can place D's daughter as follows and hence A takes the other place one spot away from F.

From the clues we know the following genders: A (male), D (male), F (female), G (female) and H (female).

We know that H's husband is not F's neighbour and B is two places to his left and B has no female neighbours. As we try to place H's husband, we see that there are only two possibilities: B is D's daughter or A is H's husband. Let's take the first case:

Case 1: B is D's daughter

Hence, the case would be as shown in the diagram. The remaining two spots would be taken by G and H whom we know to be women.

Hence, D must be a neighbour of B. However, D is sitting to the immediate left of H's mother. This is not possible in the given arrangement. Hence, this case is impossible.

Case 2: A is H's husband

In this case, the family tree would be as shown. As B is two places to the left of A, B is H's mother and E is D's daughter.

D can be placed to the left of B. As there are 5 known women, and B has two male neighbours, C must be a male and must be to the right of B. As G is not a neighbour of E, the arrangement must be as follows:

C is A's grandchild. So, the answer is option a) immediate right.

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