JEE (Advanced) 2018 Paper-1 Question 7


For each question, enter the correct numerical value (in decimal notation, truncated/rounded-off to the second decimal place; e.g. 6.25, 7.00, -0.33, -.30, 30.27, -127.30) using the mouse and the on-screen virtual numeric keypad in the place designated to enter the answer.

Question 7

Two vectors $$\hat{A} and \hat{B}$$ are defined as $$\hat{A}$$=a $$\hat{i}$$ and $$\overrightarrow{B}=a(\cos \omega t \hat{i}+\sin \omega t \hat{j})$$, where a is a constant and $$\omega=\frac{\pi}{6} rad s^{-1}$$.If $$\mid \overrightarrow{A}+\overrightarrow{B}\mid$$=$$\sqrt{3} \overrightarrow{A}-\overrightarrow{B}$$ at time t = $$\tau$$ for the first time,
the value of $$\tau$$, in Seconds, is .................

Correct Answer: e

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