Directions: Study the information and answer the following questions.

In a certain code language 'economics is not money' is written as 'ka la ho ga', 'demand and supply economics' is written as 'mo ta pa ka', 'money makes only part' is written as 'zi la ne ki' and 'demand makes supply economics' is written as 'zi mo ka ta'.

Question 69

What may be the possible code for 'work and money' in the given code language?


From the given information, we can establish that economics = 'ka', 'money ='la', and = 'pa' and makes = 'zi'.

'Work and money' contain the words 'and' and 'money' => answer must have 'pa' and 'la' in it => Both option 1 and 2 contain them.

But in option 1, 'ga', which refers to either 'is' or 'not', is present. But in the given sentence, neither of them are present. Hence option 1 is wrong.

=> option 2 is correct

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