Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below :

Each of the six persons P, Q, R, S, T and U has lived in India for a different number of days. S has stayed for. more number of days than R but less than T. P has stayed formore number of days than only U. T has not stayed for the most number of days. The one stayed for the second least number of days stayed for 14 days in India. The one who stayed for second highest number of days stayed for 47 days, S stayed for 15 days less than T.

Question 66

For how many days did R possibly stay in India ?



S>R and T>S thus T>S>R.

P>U as P has stayed for more number of days than only U, which makes P second last and U last in terms of number of days spent.


T>S>R>P>U which leaves us with Q, which leads to :-

Q>T>S>R>P>U. (T has not spent the most number of days)

The person who has spent second most days, i.e. T has spent 47 days.
S has spent 15 days less than T, i.e. 32.

Now, the person who has spent second least days, i.e. P has spent 15 days.

Thus R has spent less than 32 days and more than 15 days :-
The only option satisfying this is (D).

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