Some sentences related to a topic are given in each question. Find the sentence which is out of context of the main theme of the paragraph and rearrange the remaining sentences to make a coherent paragraph. If the given sentence is correct as it is then choose option E. If the sequence is the one which is not given then choose option D as your choice.

Question 61

(A) caused by his non-stop consumption of chivalric romance. (B)/ a country gentleman whose limited estate has been eaten away by (C)/ proudly wears the basin that he has claimed from a bewildered barber as Mambrino’s helmet (D)/ The book tells the story of Alonso Quijano, (E)/ the costs to both his purse and mental stability


On carefully reading the fragments, we see that the story of Quijano is the topic of the sentence. Hence, fragment D, which introduces the topic, should be the opening part of the sentence. Sentence B should follow D as it adds information about Quijano. Sentences E and A form a pair as they explain the costs and the causes of them. DBEA forms a coherent sentence. Fragment C is out of context and should be excluded.

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