Question 6

Ramdas invested Rs. 90000 in a cosmetic business. After few months. Shyamdas joined him with Rs. 30000. At the end of the year. the total profit was divided between them in ratio 4 : 1. After how many months did Shyamdas joined business?



ramdas invested rs 90000 and shyamdas invested rs 30000 

let, ramdas invested for 12 months and shyamdas invested of x months

we know 

profit = $$investment\times{time}$$

ratio of profit given = 4 : 1

$$\frac{4}{1} = \frac{90000\times{12}}{30000\times{x}}$$

therefore x = 9

hence shyamdas invested for 9 month which means he joined after (12 - 9) months = 3 months

so option B is the answer

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