Some sentences related to a topic are given in each question. Find the sentence which is out of context of the main theme of the paragraph and rearrange the remaining sentences to make a coherent paragraph. If the given sentence is correct as it is then choose option E. If the sequence is the one which is not given then choose option D as your choice.

Question 56

(A) And students aged 6 to 17 spend at least three hours a day (B)/ For children as young as 10 years old (C)/ According to a recent survey commissioned by HP and conducted by Wakefield Research, (D)/ On devices with Internet access (E)/ computers become a significant part of homework assignments


On carefully reading the fragments, we see that the sentence is about the research by HP on the use of computers by the children. C introduces the subject. Hence, it should be the first part of the sentence. Fragments E and B form a pair as they explain the common use of the computers by the children as young as 10. Fragments A and D conclude the sentence. CEBAD forms a coherent sentence.

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