Question 49

A wholesaler blends two varieties of tea, one costing Rs. 60 per kilogram and another costing Rs. 105 per kilogram. The respective ratio of quantities they were mixed in was 7 : 2. If he sold the mixed variety at Rs. 100 per kilogram, how much was his profit percentage ?


Let wholesaler mixed 7 kg and 2 kg of tea of variety 60 Rs/kg and 105 Rs/kg respectively.
Cost of tea of variety 60 Rs/kg=$$60\times7$$.
=Rs. 420.
Cost of tea of variety 105 Rs/kg=$$105\times2$$.
=Rs. 210.
Total cost=420+210.
Selling price=$$9\times100$$.
Profit percentage=$$\frac{900-630}{630}\times100$$.
Hence, Option D is correct.

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