JEE (Advanced) 2019 Paper-2 Question 44

Question 44

Three lines
$$L_1 : \overrightarrow{r} = \lambda \widehat{i}, \lambda \in R$$
$$L_2: \overrightarrow{r} = \widehat{k} + \mu \widehat{j}, \mu \in R$$ and
$$L_3: \overrightarrow{r} = \widehat{i} + \widehat{j} + v \widehat{k}, v \in R$$
are given. For which point(s) Q on $$L_2$$ can wefind a point P on $$L_1$$ and a point R on $$L_3$$ so that P,Q and R are collinear?

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