Question 41

A, B and C start a small business. A contributes 1/5th of the total capital invested in the business. B contributes as much as A and C together. Total profit at the end of the year was Rs. 5,200. What was C’s profit share ? (in Rupees)


Let total contribution by A,B and C be'5x'.
A's contribution=$$\frac{1}{5}\times5x$$.
Let B's contribution be 'y'
A's contribution+B's contribution+C's contribution=5x.
x+y+C's contribution=5x.
C's contribution=4x-y.
It is given that,
A's contribution+C's contribution=B's contribution.
A's contribution=x.
B's contribution=5x/2.
C's contribution=4x-5x/2=3x/2.
A's contribution:B's contribution:C's contribution=$$1:\frac{5}{2}:\frac{3}{2}$$
Since time for contribution is same, therefore, their profit share must be in ratio of their contribution.
Total profit=5200.
C's profit=$$\frac{3}{10}\times5200$$.
Hence, Option E is correct.

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