Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

P, Q, R, S. T, V and W are seven friends working in a call centre. Each of them has different day off in a week from Monday to Sunday not necessarily in the same order. They work in three different shifts. I, II and III with at least two of them in each shift. R works in shift II and his day off is not Sunday. P's day off is Tuesday and he does not work in the same shift with either Q or W. None of those who work in shift I has day off either on Wednesday or on Friday. V works with only T in shift III. S's day off is Sunday. V's day off is immediate next day of that of R's day off. Ts day off is not on Wednesday. W's day off is not on the previous day of P's day off. S works in shift I. Q does not work in the same shift with R and his day off is not on Thursday.

Question 40

Which of the following groups of friends work in shift I ?


Only V and T works in shift 3.

R works in shift 2 and Q does not work in the same shift, => Q works in shift 1

Also, P works in a different shift than Q, => P works in 2nd shift. Similarly, W works in 1st shift.

S's off day is Sunday and P's day off is Tuesday.

Also, T and those who work in shift 1 do not have off day on Wednesday, => R with shift 2 has off day on Wednesday and V working in Shift 3 has off day on Thursday.

Similarly, T's off day is Friday.

Since, P's off day is Tuesday, => W's day off is Saturday. The arrangement :

Q,W and S work in shift 1.

=> Ans - (C)

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