Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.
P, Q, R, S, T, V and W are seven members of a family. Each one of them has a different profession--- Doctor, Teacher, Lawyer, Engineer, Architect, Chartered Accountant and Banker and their incomes are different. These are two married couples in the group. R is the Doctor and earns more than the Engineer and the Lawyer. T is married to the Chartered Accountant and she earns the least. No lady is either Lawyer or Engineer. Q, the Teacher, earns less than P--the Banker. W is married to Q and he earns more than S and P. V is not the Lawyer. The Chartered Accountant earns less than the Lawyer but more than the Banker.

Question 34

Who earns the maximum in the family ?


The data can be arranged as,

P - Sex Not Known - Banker

Q - Female - Teacher

R - Sex Not Known - Doctor

S - Male - Engineer/CA

T - Female - Architect

V - Male - CA/Engineer

W - Male - Lawyer

The decreasing of incomes earned could be

either: R>W>V>P>Q>S>T

or: R>W>S>P>Q>V>T

R earns the maximum.

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