In the given passage, there are blanks, each of which has been numbered.
Against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find the appropriate word in each case. According to a new study from an international consortium, ...(23)... up technology in the classroom doesn't always lead to better education for children. The report from the OECD tracked educational outcome among students based on their use of technology at home and in the classroom. ...(24)... student performance improved when they use technology in moderation, the group found, ...(25)... to computers and the internet caused educational outcomes to drop.
The report further stated that ...(26)... considerable investments in computers, internet connections and software for educational use, there is little solid evidence that greater computer use among students leads to better scores in mathematics and reading. Report results are based on an assessment in 2015 that tracked students in more than 40 countries and surveyed them on computer habits and conducted both written and digital tests. On average, seven out of 10 students in countries surveyed, use computers at school and students average at least 25 minutes a day online In some countries, like
Turkey and Mexico, about half of the students do not have ...(27)... to a computer at home. The
survey found that students with more exposure to computers do better, on average, than those with little exposure to computers, but the OECD ...(28)... against drawing conclusions based on that result. The data could simply ...(29)... that school systems that invest in technology also invest inbetter teachers and draw on students from a higher socioeconomic class, who ...(30)... to perform better in school.

Question 30

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