RRB NTPC 12 April 2016 Shift 3 Question 27


In the following questions are to be based on the details given below:
A salesman visits 274 houses in a town to fmd out the views about three products X, Y and Z. He found that 157 use X, 98 use only X, 22 use all the three, 14 use X and Z but not Y, 39 use Y and Z., 48 use only Y

Question 27

How many use product Z only?


 Z = Total -X-Y -(X AND Z) - (X and Y) - (X and Y) 

z = (274 -98-48-14-39-23) = 52

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Sushil Prasad

2 years, 2 months ago

Mistakes in above diagram
•Y and Z uses total 39 products.
•X , Y and Z uses 22 products.
• so that, (39-22=17) use Y and Z but not X.

On correction in venn diagram as stated above question will be solved.

sudheer kumar

2 years, 4 months ago

Why don't you subtracted (x+y+z) 22 from above question to get z only.

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