RRB NTPC 12 April 2016 Shift 3 Question 24

Question 24

Pihu and Aayu are running on a circular track of diameter 28 m. Speed of Pihu is 48 m/s and that of Aayu is 40 m/s. They start from the same point at the same time in the same direction. When will they meet again for the first time?


Diameter of circular track = 28 m

Radius = $$\frac{28}{2}$$= 14

Length of the circular track = $$2\times pi\times r$$ = $$2\times pi\times 14$$ = 88m

Pihu and Aayu are running in the same direction at the same point .

We know that when two persons running in the same direction their speeds will be subtracted

Time = $$\frac{distance}{speed}$$

Time = 11

Time when they meet again for first time = 88/(48-40) = 88/8 = 11

Hence they will meet again in 11 seconds for the first time.

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