Directions : Each of the questions below consists of a question and three statements numbered I, II and III given below it. You have to decide whether the data provided in the statements are sufficient to answer the question.

Question 22

Who among A, B, C, D, E and F, each having a different height, is the tallest?
I. .B is taller than A but shorter than E.
II. Only two of them are shorter than C.
III.. D is taller than only F.


Using statement I alone: E > B > A

Using statement II alone: C's rank is 3.

Using statement III alone: D's rank is 5 and F's rank is 6.

Using any two of the three statements, we cannot answer the question.

Using all three statements, C = 3rd rank, D = 5th rank, F = 6th rank; E = 1st rank, B = 2nd rank and A = 4th rank

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