IBPS Clerk 15-Dec-2012 Question 200


Study the following arrangement, of coo • sonants, vowels, numbers and symbols carefully and answer the questions given below :
H @ F ! 3 U 6 % G I T * P L 8 $ ∧ 9 S 2 7 & A M K + J © D 4 # 5 & E

Question 200

What should come in place of the question mark (‘?) in the following series based on the above arrangement

>F3U %IT L$∧ ?


The pattern followed above is :

F3U = 3 is second to the right of F, while U is third to the right of F.

Similar pattern is observed in %IT and L$^

Now, for the first digit,

% is 2nd to the right of U

L is 3rd to the right of T

We need to find what's 4th to the right of ^ , i.e. '7'

Now, 'A' is second to the right of 7 and 'M' is third to the right of 7

=> 7AM

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