Read the Passage and answer the questions

More than the biological coronavirus, civilization is indeed experiencing an excruciating world-wide pandemic of barriers and barricades. The fence is a testimony of death and terror of race and ultranationalism. If one listens carefully, one can hear the whispering voices from below, the voices the rich and the powerful refrain from hearing. How long will they refrain from hearing? How long will their voices go unheard from across the fences, voices fortified with the words of resistance not for rewards but for the vision of peace and freedom, of human rights and dignity? Absorbed in t he landscape, I begin to imagine a world undivided by barriers, a global consciousness unabashedly pro-diversity, and a land that gives you a deep sense of belonging. The world needs to rise above the frenzy of labels of race, gender, caste, religion and political bias. It needs to address as one people the issues that are far more crucial to humanity. Threats and detentions clash with the deep sense of peace that I experience, resonating a flash of some utopian borderless world that might someday become a reality.

Question 200

What is the hope that the author nurtures?

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