Read the following passage and answer questions:

Tea has always been an integral part of our beverage culture. Its origins are the stuff of legend. A Chinese story says that when an Emperorwaspurifying waterin the shelter of a tea tree, some leaves fell into the pot. The liquid that emerged after boiling was of a wonderful fragrance, colour and taste, and the first tea to be brewed. In India, we are told of a Prince, who left his homeland to preach Buddhism and decided notto sleep duringhis. nine-year mission. At the end of his third year, overtaken by exhaustion, he chewed a few leaves of a tea shrub, which apparently enabled him to stay awake for the remaining six years. Over the years, tea drinking was refined into an art and indeed has even been elevated into an elaborate, almost sacred rite as in the Japanese tea ceremony. But if there was one culture that adopted tea drinking and madeit an iconic ritual and time of day in itself, it was the English.

Question 200

What does the origin oftea drinking suggest ?

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