Read the following passage and answer questions.

The environmental movement has made America today a more ecologically friendly place than thirty years ago (Goldstein 2002). Legislation, research and new technologies have worked in unison to reduce pollution, increase recyclability and protect endangered animals, among many other achievements. According to a March 2003 Gallup poll, 89% of Americans recycle and 72% buy environmentally-friendly products. But at the same time, consumption is rapidly increasing, people are driving further distances with gas-guzzling SUVs, and farm land and forests are converted to developments at alarming rates. More conservation work is required according to advocacy groups, such as the National Resource Defence Counsel, World Wildlife Fund and Green Peace.

From a self-preservation perspective, environmentalism has focused on the importance of a clean and healthy environment for human existence. Beyond our physical dependency on the environment are the intangible and emotional connection people feel with nature and these connections contribute to overall happiness in life. People enjoy the beauty of snow-covered mountains, playing sports in an open field, observing wild animals roaming in their natural habitats, camping, gardening, bicycling and scuba diving. Environmentalism seeks to protect and preserve the earth for present and future generations; the intangible and emotional connections with nature are at risk. Environmentalism caused Americans to rethink their lifestyles and what can be expected from the government

Question 200

Identify the statement that is NOT the about environmentalism

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