Read the following passage and answer questions

The Japan Society’s crash course on howto bridge the chasm between Japanese and American managers forces participants to examine their own cultural assumptions, as well as to learn about the other side. Behaviors which Americans consider trustworthy are often precisely that which Japanese associate with shifty character and vice versa.
To Americans, people who pause before replying to a question are probably dissembling. They expect a trustworthy person to respond directly. The Japanese distrust such fluency. They are impressed by somebody who gives careful thought to a question before making a reply. Most Japanese are comfortable with periods of silence. Americans find silence awkward and like to plug only conversational gaps.

The cherished American characteristics of frankness and openness are also misunderstood. The Japanese think it is sensible as well as polite for a person to be discreet until he is sure that a business acquamtance will keep sensitive information confidential. An American who boasts, “I am my own man” can expect to find his Japanese’s hosts anxiously counting chopsticks after business lunch. As the Japanese see it. individuals are anti-social. Team players are sound.

Question 198

The Japanese are impressed by

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