Read the following passage and answer questions:

During Mao Zedong’s rule in the 1960s the Chinese fought a fierce but futile battle against the ‘Sihan’ — the four parts of rats, bed bugs, flies and mosquitoes which have plagued the country for centuries. Now Beijing has declared a nation wide war against the ‘Liuhai’, the six evils of prostitution, pornography, abduction and trading of women and children, drug trafficking, gambling, and profiteering from superstition. Public Security Minister, Wang Fang, explained that those social ills “have seriously polluted society, disturbed public order and undermined the physical and mental health of a vast number of people, especially the youth”.

China's guardians of public order have not exactly been lax. Supreme, Court Vice President, Lin Zhum, revealed last month thatfrom 1983 to 1988 Chinese courtarts punished 89.500 criminals for committing one of the six evils. Of these, 3142 were given sentences of death or life imprisonment. An additional 11,000 were arrested inthe first nine months of this year. But of course, the evi] persists. In fact, officials in the freewheeling province of Guangdong, last week discovered a seventh evil secret —€riminal gangs. Said a Chinese social scientist “The more prosperous and free we become the more evils we face”.

Question 198

Prosperity and evil are

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