Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below :
• K is the brother of J. J is the mother of Y.
• Y is the sister of T. T is married to Q. S is the father of J.
• S has only one daughter. S is married to R.
• K is the brother of D. U is the father-in-law of D.

Question 198

If U is the father of C, then how is D related to C?


Y is sister of T, their mother is J, who is also sister of K.

T is married to Q, and gender of both are unknown.

S is father of J, and is married to R. They have 3 children, i.e. D,K and J.

Since, S has only one daughter, => D and K are brothers and J is their sister.

Also, U is father-in-law of D, => U is father of D's wife.

If U is father of C and U is father-in-law of D, and D is male.

=> D is the husband of C.

=> Ans _ (B)

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