Read the Passage and answer the questions

The other day, a motoristic friend of mine was complaining to me bitterly even violently, about the behaviour of pedestrians. They were abominably careless and stupid, he insisted. I hate to see anyone agitated by a grievance, and I tried to soothe my friend by an appeal to reason. I said, 'No doubt we pedestrians are very trying. But you must remember that, after all, we were on the roads for many, many centuries before you came along in your splendid car. And remember, it isn't we that are threatening to kill you. It is you that are threatening to kill us, and, if the worst comes to the worst, lay some flowers on our graves.

We are constantly told by the press that we must be 'traffic-conscious'. But there is really no need to tell us we must be so. How could we be otherwise? How not be concussion-apprehensive, annihilation-evasive, and similar compound words? Very old people and very young people form the majority of those who are annually slaughtered upon our roads.

Question 197

The author dislikes to be disturbed by

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