Read the following passage andanswer questions:

When you first arrive in a new culture,there is a period of confusion that comes from the new situation and from lack of information. It leaves you quite dependent and in need of help in the form of information and advice. The second state begins as you start to interact with the new culture. It is called the stage of small victories. Each new encounter with the cultureis fraught with peril. It is preceded by anxiety and information collection and rehearsal. Then the event occursand you return homeeither triumphantor defeated. When successful, the feelings are very much as though a major victory has been won, A heightened roller coaster effect is particularly characteristic of this stage. Once some of the fundamentals of life are mastered, there is time to explore the new culture. This is the honeymoon stage of wonder and infatuation. In it there is heightened appreciation for the new, the different, the aesthetic. Depending on the degree of cultural immersion and exploration, it may continue for a considerable period of time.

After a while, a self correction takes place. No honeymoon can last forever. Why in the world would anyone do it that way ? Can’t these people get their act together ? Now the deficits seem glaringly apparent. Finally, if you are lucky enough to chart a course through these stages and not get stuck, there is a rebalance of reality. There is the capacity to understand and enjoy the new culture without ignoring these features that are less desirable.

Question 196

When does one acquire the capacity to understand and enjoy new culture?

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