Read the following passage and answer question
Whatis education if it is not about empowering: empowering in order to gain more control over your life. It requires you to look at fundamentalissues. It requires you to look at other people so that you may have an understanding of your own identity. It is a cultural action within which you as participant learn to recognise the structural relation between personal and collective consciousness. The teacher takes you beyond binaries, and shows you the truth that in order to learn you have to define your needs. your goals. and your strategies. and necessarily understand that needs. goals and strategies differ both in nature and priority from person to person. and from group to group. The classroom becomes the site of experience. Identity and authenticity may be fashioned here. The leamer takes the first step in how to negotiateknowledge. Every learner and every teacher needs an entry point that will serve both as point of reference in template and security button in familiar environments.

Question 196

We should observe other people to

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