In the following passage, someofthe words have been left out. First read the Passage over and try to understand what it is about. Then fill ‘in the blanks with the help of the alfernatives given. ;
“Quit India” camenotfrom the lips but the aching: hearts of mil- lions. In this open rebellion, the Inidan 191 reached its climax, The British were not only 192 by it, but
also were obliged to quit unilaterally. Theimportance of Quit India can be 193 from Lord Linlithgow's. statement, “I am engaged here in meeting by far the most 194 rebel- lion since that of 1857, the gravity and extent of which we have so far 195 Trom the world for reasons of “military security.” Still more eignificant was Churchill's gloomy disclosure to the King Emperorthai, “the idea of 196 of power had become an admitted 197 in the minds of- British party leaders,” aithouish his public statements were diametrically opposite. The'198 created by Quit India* made the British 199 that- they could no longer keep 200

Question 194

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