Readthe following passage and answer question
I passed all the other courses I took at my university, but I could never pass Botany. This was because all Botany students had to spend several hours in a week in a laboratory looking through a microscope at plant cells. and I could never see through a microscope. I never once saw a cell through a microscope. This used to enrage my instructor. He would wander around the laboratory pleased with the progress all the students were making in drawing the involved and so I am told. interesting structure of flower cells, until he come to me. I would just be standing there. “I can't see anything’. I would say. He would begin patiently enough. explaming how anybody can see through a microscope. but he could always end up in a fury, claiming that I could too see through a microscope but just pretend that I couldn't. “It takes away from the beauty of flowers anyway. “I used to tell him”. We are not concemed with the beauty in this course’. he would say. “We are concerned solely with what I may call the mechanics”. “well”. Ud say. “I can’t see anything’. nothing at all, except nowand again a nebulous milky substance —a phenomenon of maladjustment. You were supposed to see a vivid. restless clockwork of sharplydefined plant cells. “I see what looks like a lot of milk”, I would tell him. This, he claimed. was the result of may not having adjusted the microscope properly. so he would readjust it for me. or rather, for himself. And I would look again and see milk.

Question 192

The author could see through the microscope only

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