Read the following passage and answer questions.

The global recording industry has launched its largest wave of legal action against people suspected of sharing music files on the internet. The latest move by the International Federation of Phonographic Industry (IFPI) targeted 2.100 alleged up loaders using peer-to-peer (P2P) networks in 16 nations including the UK. France, Germany and Italy. Thousands of people have agreed to pay compensation since the campaign began. In the US, civil lawsuits have been brought against more than 15.597 people since September 2003 and there have been 3.590 settlements. 'This is a significant escalation of our enforcement actions against people who are uploading and distributing copyrighted music on P2P networks,' said IFPI chief John Kennedy. 'Thousands of people -mostly internet -savvy men in their 20s or 0s - have learnt to their cost the legal and financial risks involved in the file-sharing copyrighted music in large quantities.'Individual cases are generally brought by the national associations representing the recording industry and in some cases by the labels, as civil complaints. The UK record industry has so far brought 97 cases, with a further 65 covered by the latest action. More than $140,000 in compensation has been paid to the British Phonographic Industry by 71 individuals.

Question 192

Identify the correct statement.

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