Read the following passage and answer the questions.

Losers let it happen. Winners make it happen. Life is a do-it-yourself project. Whatever you give credence in your thinking will likely come to pass. Learn to develop two critical abilities; the ability to live with uncertainty, and the ability to delay immediate gratification in favour of longrange goals. Losers try to escape from their fears with activities that are tension-relieving. Winners are motivated by their desires towards activities that are goal-achieving. Choose your responses to what occurs. Learn from your mistakes, rather than repeat them. Spend time taking action in the present rather than fearing what may happen in the future. And be different, if it means taking the calculated risk. The greatest risk in life is to wait for and depend on others for your security. The greatest security is to plan and act, and take the risk that will ultimately make you independent.

Question 192

How do 'winners make it happen' ?

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