Read the Passage and answer the questions

We are now face to face with class conflicts. There has grown up an intense class consciousness with elements of suspicion and hatred, envy and jealousy. Democracy is so interpreted as to justify not only the very legitimate aspiration to bring a more equitable distribution of wealth, but also the increasing tendency for a levelling down of all talent. This is not possible. There win always be man of ability who lead and direct, and others who win obey and follow. It is not true that all men are born equal in every way, and everyone is equally fit to govern the country or till the ground. Every line of development is specific and exclusive. If we wish to pursue one we shall have to turn our attention away from others. While we should remove the oppressive restrictions, dispel the ignorance of the masses, increase their self-respect, we should not be under the illusion that we can abolish the distinctions of the genius and the fool, the able organized and the submissive worker. Modern democracies tend to make us all mere 'human beings',but such beings exist nowhere.

Question 191

What is class-consciousness mixed up with?

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