Read the following passage and answer questions

How many times have you asked, “Why did he do that ? Why did she say that ? Why does nothing ever work out for me ? Why didn’t I get what I wanted ? Why does this keep happening in my life ?” “Whyology” is the obsessive need to know why things happen as they do, which results in emotional paralysis, keeping you stuck. Why do you need to know why things happen ? If you did know, would it make that much difference ? Many people will say, “Yes, it would make a difference, because then I would be able to move on and let go.” The truth is that the letting-go experience has nothing to do with knowing why things happen as they do. In fact the more you need to know why,the less likely you are to let go and more on. Unless you release this cycle, you will be robbed of your ability to appreciate and enjoy the moment you are living in right now. Think of all the energy that you could use to create in life if you left the practice of keeping vigil on tombstones. Internal stress comes when you resist what is in life. When you release your need to know why, an amazing thing starts to happen. You begin to connect with your inner creativity, which helps you find creative solutions to your situation.

Question 191

What does ‘Whyology’ lead to ?

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