Readt he following passage and answer questions.
You are poised at a crucial juncture of your life. when many paths are open to you. You are like a princess who has but to command and your desires are fulfilled. Still it would be prudent to remember that the saying “All that glitters is not gold”, was never truer than it is today. In this age of virtual reality all that your senses perceive will more often than not be anillusion. There are many rainbows that the world will display to entice you: make sure that what you chase will bear closer scrutiny: remember also that you win some and lose some. and above all never forget that hard work will always pay you in the long run-even if Lady Luck does not smile at you at first.
The glamour displayed in the media coupled with the success of some of your friends and acquaintances in beauty contests, modeling, acting and so on must be awfully tempting to emulate. You would do well, however, to peer behind the scenes and decide whether the world of cut-throat competition that exists behind the facade is something you can take in yours tride. Spare a thought for the thousands who were possibly more beautiful, more gifted. more graceful but lost to anonymity having staked andlost all in the viciousrat race.

Question 191

What does the discussion represent?

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