You have a passage with 10 questions. Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.

Dick Mallory is a book publisher. His office on the fortieth floor of a skyscraper in the center of New York City is the world he works in. The world he lives in is a white house on a quiet street in a suburb 30 miles from the big city. Whether he is in work in the heart of the big city or at home in the quiet suburb, Dick's life is tied to machines. In many ways he represents modem man in the big city - modern man in the machine age.

In a typical working day, Dick is awakened by the buzzing of an electric alarm clock. As he pushes a button to silence the alarm, he turns on the radio beside his bed to hear the morning news. Then he goes to the bathroom for a quick shave with his electric shaver.
After dressing, Dick goes to the kitchen, where his wife has begun to prepare breakfast. Eggs are cooking on the electric stove, bread is being toasted in an electric toaster, and coffee is being made in an electric coffee maker. From the electric refrigerator Dirk takes a carton of cream, another of fresh milk, and a can of orange juice. He opens the can with an electric can opener, mixes the contents with several cans of cold water, and the orange juice is ready.

Question 191

What does Dick do ? He's a ..

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