Each question contains a sentence with a blank. Below the sentence, 4 words are given out of which 2 can be used to fill the blank meaningfully. Choose the option that contains the words that can be used to fill the blank:

Question 19

Preethika dropped by my house during her European _____________.

(A) souvenir
(B) sojourn
(C) tarriance
(D) serendipity


From the sentence, it is clear that the missing word must give the meaning of ‘tour’ or ‘visit’.
Souvenir means an object used as a reminder of a place.
Sojourn means a short tour.
Tarriance also means a short tour.
Serendipity means a happy accident.

Both ‘sojourn’ and ‘tarriance’ can be used to fill the blank. Therefore, option B is the right answer.

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