Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below :

Following are the criteria for hiring Marketing Manager in a company
The applicant must-----
(i) be a post graduate in Marketing Management
(ii) be at least 25 years old as on 30.4.2001.
(iii) have work experience of at least three years
(iv) be ready to work for at least two years after appointed.

However, if a candidate---
(a) fulfils all other criteria except at (i) above, but has work experience of more than five years-- the case is to be referred to General Manager-Marketing.
(b) fulfils all other criteria except at (iv) above, but has obtained Ph.D. Degree, the case may be referred to Vice President-Marketing.

Based on the above criteria and the information given in each case, you have to take the decision in each case. You are not assume anything. The cases are given to you as on 30.4.2001.

Question 189

Archana Madhok has been working for the last four years after obtaining her post graduation in Marketing Management. She was born on 7th July, 1970. She has also obtained her Ph. D. Degree. She is ready to work for one more year.


(i) Post graduate in Marketing, => yes

(ii) age $$\geq25$$ years, => yes (30 years)

(iii) Work experience $$\geq3$$ years, => yes

(iv) Ready to work for $$\geq2$$ years, => no

$$\because$$ Archana failed to satisfy (iv) condition, but she has a Ph.D, thus the case is to be referred to Vice-President-Marketing.

=> Ans - (E)

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