Read the following passage and answer question:

What are the economic impediments to greater financial inclusion? Perhaps the most important is the economic condition of the excluded. World over, the
poor, the small and the remote are excluded. It is not just because the financial system is underdeveloped, but because they are hard to service profitability.
Nevertheless. this is not a reason to abandon hope, but to ask how we can overcome the impediments in the way of inclusion.

The excluded may live in remote areas or may belong to communities or segments of society that undertake economic activity informally-they do not maintain records or have signed contracts or documentation. They often do not ownproperty or have regular established sources of income. As a result. a banker, especially if as is typical. he is not from the local region, will have difficulty getting sufficient information to offer financial products.

Question 187

What is the main reason for economic exclusion?

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