Read the below passage and answer the following questions:

Life is what you makeofit. You are the author of your ownstory, and as is completely up to you to decide when to say “Yes and when to say ‘No’. Yourability to decide wisely will contribute greatly to your ability to live a less stressful life with more time to do the things youactually want to do, rather than doing the things you feel you are expected to do. However, it would also be unrealistic to expect anyone to live a completely self-centred life. telling people “No” to every request that will not be to his or her ownbenefit. Setting healthy boundaries and creating a balance between the number of ‘Yeses’ and ‘No’s’ will be the key to your success and well-being. You also must set some boundaries when deciding whether to agree to something if it goes against your moral and ethical standards, whetherit is in your personallife or your professionallife. As stated by Oprah Winfrey. “when you do not set healthy boundaries for yourself. you are inviting people to ignore your needs”.

Question 187

What contributes to a less stressful life ?

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