Read the following passage and answer questions.

Gandhiji was of a ripe age. but he wasstill full of vitality and his capacity for work was prodigious. The end came suddenly by the hand of an assassin. India was shocked and the world grieved. and to those of us who were more intimately connected with him the shock and sorrowwas hardto bear. And yet perhaps. it was a
fitting close to a magnificent career and in his death. as in his life, he served the cause to which he had devoted himself. None of us would have liked to see him gradually fade in body and mind with increasing years. And so he died. as he had lived. a bright star of hope and achievement. the Father of the Nation which had been shaped and trained by him for half a century.

To those who had the high privilege of being associated with him in some of his innumerable activities, he will ever remain the embodiment of youthful energy.
Weshall not think of him as an old man. but rather as one who represented with the vitality of spring the birth of a newIndia. To a younger generation who did not come in personal contact with him, heis a tradition and numerousstories are woven round his name and activities. He was great in his life. he is greater since he passed away.

Question 187

The author was -------- Gandhi.

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