Read the following information and answer the questions given below.
(I) Two wooden cubes ‘A’ and ‘B’ are placed adjacent to each other in front of you in such a way that ‘A’ is to your left and ‘B’ to your right.
(II) One pair of opposite faces of cube ‘A’ is painted by the same colour, i.e., Red colour. Another pair of opposite faces is painted by Blue and one of the remaining faces of Yellow and other one is Violet.
(III) Only two opposite faces of cube ‘B’ are painted by Blue colour. Remaining pairs of opposite faces are painted in such a way that opposite face of Brown colour is Green and one of the other two opposite faces is Black and the other is White.

Question 180

If block ‘B’ is kept behind block ‘A’ in such a way that Brown coloured surface of ‘B’ is facing Yellow coloured face of ‘A’, which colour of block ‘B’ will be to your right ?

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