The following sentences when properly arranged for a coherent paragraph. Answer the questions based on the correct order of sentences.

A. We have a firm belief that it will rise in the future, because it has risen in the past.

B. The interesting doubt is as to whether the laws of motion will remain in operation until tomorrow.

C. Of course it might be doubted whether we are quite certain that there is nothing outside to interfere, but this is not the interesting doubt.

D. If this doubt is raised, we find ourselves in the same position as when the doubt about the sunrise was first raised.

E. It is obvious that if we are asked why we believe that the sun will rise to-morrow, we shall naturally answer 'Because it always has risen every day'.

F. If we are challenged as to why we believe that it will continue to rise as heretofore, we may appeal to the laws of motion: the earth, we shall say, is a freely rotating body, and such bodies do not cease to rotate unless something interferes from outside, and there is nothing outside to interfere with the earth between now and tomorrow.

Question 18

What is the first sentence after rearrangement?


The opening sentence is E - it opens the paragraph with a question. This is followed by sentence A, which gives an answer to the question asked in E. Next is F, which describes the answer further. This is followed by C, which talks about certain talks about a doubt. Next is B, which describes what this doubt is. The last sentence is D. So, the correct order of sentences is EAFCBD.

So, the first sentence after rearrangement is E.

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