Study the following information to answer the given questions :
Eight. friends A. B. C. D. E. F. Ct and H are sitting around a circle facing the centre. not necessarily in the same order. F sits fourth to the left of B. A and H are immediate neighbours of F. C sits third to the left. of A. G sits third to the right of E.

Question 175

If all the eight friends are made to sit alphabetically in the clockwise direction starting from A, positions of how many will remain unchanged (excluding A) ?


All are facing centre. Since, F sits fourth to the left of B. This means, F sits opposite B. [Since, there are 8 students]

Now, A and H are F neighbours.

case 1 : If A is to the immediate left of F, The, the condition that C is to the third left of A will be invalid as in this case, B is already in that position.

case 2 : A is to the immediate right of F while H is to the immediate left and C is third to the left of A, i.e. immediate left of H.

The arrangement is :

If all are arranged alphabetically starting from A in clock wise direction. Then, the arrangement will be :

Clearly, positions of none will remain unchanged(excluding A).

Ans - (A)

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