Study the following table and carefully answer the given questions.

Note :
(i) Net Revenue = Gross Revenue – Amount Allocated for commission – Amount allocated for discount and others
(ii) Few values are missing in the table (indicated by -). A candidate is expected to calculate the missing value, if it is required to answer the given question, on the basis of the given data and the information.

Question 159

In May, the respective ratio of amount allocated for commission and amount allocated for discount and others was 4 : 3. What was the Gross Revenue of the Magazine in May?


In May, amount allocated for discount = Rs. 36,000

=> Amount allocated for commission = $$\frac{4}{3} \times 36000 = Rs. 48,000$$

Net revenue = Rs. 3,36,000 = gross revenue - amount allocated for commission - amount allocated for discount

=> Gross revenue = 3,36,000 + 36,000 + 48,000 

= Rs. 4,20,000

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